Changing our Transport System
Getting South Yorkshire Moving Again

Sheffield City Region Mayor Manifesto 2018

South Yorkshire's transport infrastructure lags behind most comparable regions in the UK. Fewer and fewer people are using public transport as local authorities have continued to cut investment. This has led to more congestion on our roads, increasing journey times and poorer air quality.

As a small businessman I understand sitting in traffic jams wastes time and money , as a parent I know this is time I could be spending with my family, and as a politician I know it doesn't have to be like this, there is another way. I'll make the necessary changes to get South Yorkshire moving again.

The mayoral powers as currently laid out will enable the franchising of bus services across South Yorkshire, which will also enable an integrated smart ticketing system. But to bring real change to our bus network we need to give passengers what they want: reliable buses that serve their communities.

If elected mayor I will improve bus travel by:

  • Fining bus companies for missing services.
  • Bringing back the Little Nipper in Doncaster and the Freebee in Sheffield to connect vital customers and visitors to businesses and destinations, including Doncaster and Sheffield markets.
  • Bringing in Pay As You Go Smart Ticketing with automatic price capping, similar to London’s ’Oyster Card’.
  • Regularly monitoring changing travel patterns by using passenger data and seeking employer/employee data from HMRC to adapt services to people’s needs.

While the number of rail passengers has risen, our network and trains are badly out-of-date and too often overcrowded. The proposal for the new high-speed railway HS2 does not take into account the circumstances in South Yorkshire, where the priority for most passengers is improvements to the local routes they use daily.

If elected mayor I will:

  • Oppose HS2 and make the case for investment in local and regional routes, such as re-opening of the Woodhead rail link to Glossop and Manchester.
  • Fight to open new and reopen closed rail stations (such as Askern) on current lines, to increasing local residents’ connectivity.
  • Introduce a Workplace Parking Levy to provide increased funding for transport improvements.

Cycling is an increasingly popular form of transport which is unfortunately hampered by safety fears. Increasing cycle use has numerous benefits which include making more efficient use of road space, reducing air pollution and health benefits to the rider.

If elected I would enable more cycle use by:

  • Stepping up the installation of more segregated cycle routes.
  • Considering monetised health benefits as part of the business case for new transport schemes, using Department for Transport guidance.
  • Appointing a dedicated transport officer and budget for cycling and walking improvements.

My proposals represent a significant change to current transport policy in South Yorkshire. Private cars will remain a popular transport option, but I will give people more choice with viable alternatives. Instead of building new roads I will free up the roads we already have.

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