Make Change Happen
Sheffield City Region Mayor Manifesto 2018

Dear Voter,

South Yorkshire is being left behind. Our economy has struggled while other regions and cities have adapted to change and forged new ideas, identities and industries. We have been held back by poor governance, bad decision making and bad public image. Even moves to pull back powers from Westminster, to control our own destiny, have been shambolic. Our council leaders have fallen out, gone back on agreements and put the interests of their political party above those of the people of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

South Yorkshire needs change. I want to put communities back in charge, to help them up not hold them down and to bring a new era of pride and prosperity to our region. Due to the failure of the council leaders across our region to agree, the elected mayor will have few powers. In my manifesto I say how I will use these, and my position on issues facing the Combined Authority in the future. I have long supported moves towards a wider Yorkshire devolution, but this must be led by the people not by politicians. In the meantime doing the best by South Yorkshire will be my priority. Please make me your First Choice in this election so that we can together make change happen.

Yours, Rob Murphy

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