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Rob Murphy

Make the change

This election is our opportunity for change. Instead of our area being left behind, we can build a better future for our children. We can put the public back in charge, mend broken transport links, build better energy saving homes and rebuild our economy.

I’ve worked on the shop-floor and in the boardroom, in old and new industries and in the public and private sectors. I am now the Speaker for the Greens on Sheffield Council and have the experience and the vision to get our area moving again. We need change. Together we can make it happen.

Open Government

Local Government has to change. We need open, transparent, accountable management of the Combined Authority. I will work hard to listen to and represent residents. Shining a light on decision making and bringing public scrutiny to the role of mayor and the Combined Authority.

Better Transport

I will fight for money to invest in public transport, better walking and segregated cycling routes to free up our roads. I will use new posers to make our buses regular, cleaner and a more reliable service for commuters and communities alike. I will resist HS2, calling instead for better local rail links, more stations and faster trains.

Better for Business

We need change for local business. Small businesses and the self-employed invest more in the local economy, but are often neglected. I will be a friend of smaller, local enterprises, ensuring more government money is spent on training and giving young and old better opportunities. I’ll work hard to make our economy more resilient and regenerate our town centres. I will support a clean powered, healthy and sustainable economy, not damaging industries like Fracking.

Make Rob your first choice

At this election you get to vote twice - for your 1st choice and 2nd choice candidate. If you vote for a candidate who doesn’t finish in the top two, your second vote will be counted instead.

Rob Murphy is the Green Party candidate for the Sheffield City Region Mayor election.

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